Business successes in Japan since 1996  1996年以来

ELA has operated since 1996 to support UK electronics companies to achieve many successes in the Japanese market.


ELA is now offering advice to UK companies, sharing the experiences gained from successes in Japan, and is maintaining important contacts in Japanese companies and investors.

What's on this site...  このウェブサイトでは

Just advice and support ...


Success stories : highlighting the real successes of companies we know, over many years. Something to learn from and be inspired by, as you consider business in Japan.

Useful links  we have found : web sites and forums..... to inform you for business, and maybe pleasure..?

Free downloads includes our "Business in Japan" series, which is our personal view, and hope will be useful for you. 


Our advice? ........ "get all the advice you can, don't rely on any one channel" - and this also applies to us.  We will continue to improve this website for you with information we hope will help you.

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